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Kadeco is looking forward to fostering Sustainable Development to work with many more  interested partner organizations to create incremental, lasting change in communities in East and central Africa. Volunteering, participants will help make that change happen through a hands-on 

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Health development services

Video Ministries Development

Operation Primary Schools Image Change

Environment Protection

Kadeco to eliminate gaps and lacks in
Education through stream technology


Development Communications Consultancy, improve people’s quality of life by providing stream Technology a comprehensive range of services, convenient and timely access with exceptional service and compassion.

Support and make a smile face for a kid 


Kadeco asses stakeholder progress on Strategic Plan It conducted.

 Three months back from now Kaana Development Communications Consultancy designed strategic plans for various institutions which were mainly primary schools in the sub-counties of Nabbaale, Kasawo and Seeta-Namuganga Mukono district.

Focus on Children and Youth Campmeeting 3rd – 9th September 2016 Introduction. 

Four hundred and Eighty children from the sub counties where Kadeco operates namely Nabbaale , Kyabakadde , Kasawo , Seeta Namuganga and kimenyedde are camping at Ndese primary school for a training and and talents Development for 7 days . The theme of the camp is FOCUS ON

Girls training football in Seeta Namanoga  R/C primary school under the heading Operation primary schools image change . Children developing  their talents

Focus on Children and Youth Campmeeting  3rd – 9th September 2016


Four hundred and Eighty children from the sub-counties where Kadeco operates namely

Nabbaale , Kyabakadde , Kasawo , Seeta Namuganga  and Kimenyedde  are camping at  Ndese primary  school  for a training and  talents Development  for 7 days .

   The theme of the camp is FOCUS ON Children and the YOUTH.

180 children of age groups ranging from 0-3 years, 80 children from 4-6 years and 200 children 7-14 years as well as 400 Youths were camped.

Altogether they were860 children and youths  in total.


  1. Talents and innovation skills development
  2. Development of communication skills and self-expression.
  3. Instilling moral virtues of life
  4. Sports skill development.


  1. Guest speakers
  2. Parade science.
  3. Youth Dialogue
  4. Music and Drama
  5. Training in groups
  6. Group presentations
  7. Physical Education.

Meet our Team

Pr James Kaggya: Strategic Planning, Development and Adminitration.

Sarah Keno:Education director of outreach

Dr. Kasumba Moses:Surgeon and head of Health programs.

Keno Musanyusa: Media production  and head of media programs.

David Ssempijja: ICT Stream Offshore Support and coordinator

Sebuuma Kaggya James: Agriculture co-coordinator.Member of International Association of Community Development (AICD) Aug 2012-Aug 2015 No#:1473


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