1. 1.1 Justification

    East and Central Africa are regions that have constantly suffered poverty of all types of description: 

    i .Lifestyle poverty
    ii.Ntrition poverty .There is stunting in all regions.
    iii.Low income levels in 70% of the regions population.
    iv.Low education opportunities
    v.High dependence ratios
    vi.High rates of school drop out.
    vii.Domestic violence
    viii.Institutional poverty or mismanagement.
    ix.Educational services are costly.
    x.Moral Poverty
    xi.Spiritual poverty

There is therefore a need for strategies to implement the sustainable millennium Development goals through strategies supported by stream technology to mobilize grassroots committees for self-help initiative, for grass roots capacity building and support. 

The Need

There is need to establish this consultancy ministries in order to contribute towards the implementing of  the sustainable development goals in order to improve on people’s quality of life .To accelerate economic growth to reduce poverty. This will be realized through:

1To improve the grass root quality of life through provision of quality Christian education through modern Technology supported facilities to inaccessible communities.
2. Promote Adventist Lifestyle
3.Establish health, Agro-based business, and travel and tour services.
4.Provide Management, organization, strategic Planning and community planning consultancy services to organizations and grass root communities.
5.Promote development enterprises through media.
6.Establish KADECO education centers in and outside Uganda.
7.Establish KADECO Education centers with virtual classrooms in 4 years as follows; Uganda 100 with 100 learners ,Tanzania- 50 with 100 learners, Kenya 50 with 100 learners,Rwanda – 50 with 100 learners, Burundi – 50 with 100 leaners




  • Mission statement

    The mission of KAANA Development Communications is to improve people’s quality of life by providing Stream Technology (ST 2016) supported Christ centered Technologies, a comprehensive range of services, convenient and timely access with exceptional service and compassion.


  • SWOT Analysis

    This analysis will help the consultancy to know its strategic position .The findings of the analysis are recorded as follows;

    1.Land at Ndese
    2.The continuous support of the managers of group of companies and institutions
    3.Availability of professional and technical experts who first and foremost contribute both financial and mental and time resources.
    4.Modern technology to both popularize the consultancy and to transfer knowledge and skills from within and outside Uganda to grass root communities.

    1.High inflationary rates.
    3.Budgetary constraints since it’s a non-profit organization.

    1.Possible Collaboration and partnerships with International and Indigenous experts for sharing Technology.
    2.Available Talents and expertise among the founders as follows;
    3.One experienced professional software engineer who donated the stream technology which CUC used in 2015 to broadcast CUC session to the whole world.
    4.One experienced professional in cinematography (MAYA software expert)
    5.One experienced expert in Agro-based technology.
    6.Two professional teachers and experts in Educational management
    7.Two Media production professionals and experts.
    8.One Medical Doctor who is pursuing a fellowship in surgery.
    9.One professional experienced in Metal works.
    10.One graduate in procurement and logistics.

    ◾Land for KADECO Activities is available at Ndese.
    ◾Basic Infrastructure is available.

    9.Two professional, experienced in strategic planning community and institutional Administration.
    10.One professional experienced in Gospel presentation and church ministries.

 Decision of the Initiators

  1. The decision to establish this consultance ministry was arrived at by the group of people representing companies and institutions both in Uganda and outside Uganda.

    They are ;Pr & Mrs Kaggya ,Mr & Mrs Ssempijja,Dr & Mrs Kasumba,Mr & Mrs Sebuuma,Mr & Mrs Keno,Mr & Mrs Kabali,Mr & Mrs Katizzi,Mr Musasizi Paul,and Mr & Mrs Kaweesi.


    1. Key Decisions that were taken in their meetings.

  1. That they establish a consultancy firm as a none profit making institution.

  2. That the name of the consultancy shall be KAANA DEVELOPMENT COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTANCY (KADECO)

  3. The guarantors will be;

        1. Pr James Kaggya

        2. Mr David Ssempijja

        3. Mr Sebuuma James

        4. Mr Keno

        5. Mrs Damalie Ssempijja

        6. Dr .Kasumba Moses

        7. Mr Kabali .J.

        8. Mr Bosco Kawesi

        9. Mr Paul Musasizi

        10. Ms Ndagire Kezia

        11. Ms Mutebi Proscovia

The founders will form the board of directors

 The KADECO Services

    1. Health development services
      In line with millennium sustained Development goals KADECO will implement the recommended minimum Health care packages (Health promotion, disease prevention and community Heath initiatives, Maternal and child Health ,prevention and control of commicable diseases.

    2. Visual Ministries Development
      Start video Ministries .Develop messages from pastors ,  highlights from major church and non church affairs ,lecturers ,workshops ,seminars ,health promotions, model home promotions ,Agro-based enterprise promotions, youth ,children and women promotions,Music education,appropriate technology,poverty eradication strategies will be filmed and the products will be shared through KADECO streamed webpage. Beneficiaries receive this information in real-time and offline.

      Education Development
      Education centers for both formal and informal education will be established in and outside Uganda. The most inaccessible regions which cannot afford quality formal education will access it at affordable rates especially school dropouts.Through stream technology (GST 2016) these KADECO educational centers will be hooked to the KADECO INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL that will be hosted to KADECO web-page.
      For the formal education “O” and “A” level curriculum of the host country will be used.

      For the informal curriculum activities will range from functional Adult classes to high profile professional courses. The Gospel and Adventists lifestyle will be the context of this educational program. These centers will serve as global mission centers.

      Quality control mechanisms will be built within the system. KADECO will identify and recruit centers co-coordinators and social workers for community awareness and to work as liaison officers in the communities.

    3. Networks

      Develop knowledge and skills, technologies exchange programs through collaborations, partnerships and bench marking with other institutions in and outside Uganda. Through GST 2016transfer the above to grass roots communities.

      Solicit for scholarships from both private and Government Institutions and outside Uganda.

    4. ICT
      An IT aided system will be developed to manage the day-to-day operations of the programs e.g. Online registration, online classrooms, online exams. We shall also capture the ongoing lectures and deliver them to different centers in real time.


Resource Mobilization

  1. The board of directors will lay a multi-prolonged strategy for mobilizing resources for the projects .

    Funds flow projection

    The first years projection for each year are as follows:-

  1. KADECO Education centers



No. of Centers

No. of Learners

Amount each

Total each year





























  1. Adverts

    In a year the following Adverts will be generated each year;

  1. Flash Videos
    4 per week * 4 weeks=16*1m@=16,000,000 * 12 months=192,000,000

  2. TV Adverts= 1 each week * 4 =4*5m each=20,000,000* 12 months=240 million shillings

    Gross income to be shared.

  1. Visual Ministries

  2. 3D Impression/Walk through architectural

  3. Marketing

    As soon as the business plan is voted and adopted by the founders a marketing consultant should be contracted to identify .develop and brand our product for marketing . He or she will identify and market the products of the organization .

    The marketing will also price or fine tune our products(services)

    Organizational Structure

    The members should think about it.

    Benefits to the SDA Church

    We cannot build our business plan using church structures and again we are not creating a parallel organization. We are building a ministry that will support the church of God .For example our Education centers curriculum will conduct Bible studies and use pastors in those areas to baptize. The GST 2016 Technology will be used by our church to conduct satellite Evangelism resulting in thousands of baptisms.

    Development Education will also focus on church members in remote areas. Education centers will be used by pastors to conduct laymen’s training for their church board members.

    Church choirs will use KADECO technology to advertise their music the world over.

    Members will increase and the church will be empowered.



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