KAANA Development Communications Consultancy (KADECCO)

 Organizational Profile.


 East and central Africa are regions that have constantly suffered poverty of all types of description

 i.                    Low income levels

ii.                  Low Education opportunity

iii.                High school dropout rates

iv.                 Domestic violence

v.                   Environmental degradation

vi.                 Pathetic healthcare systems etc.

Organizational Description: We are a Nonprofit making organization registered with the registrar of companies No 214052 Of Uganda.

Organization Environment:

1. Products offered: Consultancy services in the fields of Education, ICT, Social development through streaming and media, Healthto improve quality of life through provision ofessential health services, modern technology to enhance Agribusiness, strategic and community planning, establishing virtual classroom centers in and outside Uganda.

2. Missions, Visions, and Values       

To develop and implement programs that promote and strengthen evidence based policies and practices in the fields of education, Health, ICT, Media, Agriculture , Tourism, Religion, climate, environmental and social economic conservation.

3. Work force profile

Work force composition includes  motivated team of an Administrator and development planner,Treasurer, ICT technologist, education experts, Health professional, Agriculture expert, media and production expert community liaison’s officer, with multiple volunteer groups.

4. Assets:

Major assets we possess are skills, land to develop Agriculture demonstrations grounds, Business center, and surgical center for community essential surgery.  We also have a K1 media center, Stream technologies, and Agriculture demonstration grounds.

Equipment: Vehicle for the Administrator, Media gadgets, streaming equipment, water pumps, bore holes,

5. Regulatory requirements:

Regitration Certificate

Bank  name Bank of Africa 

Account Name is KADECO

Bank Account Number : 01356330009

No obvious occupational hazards to declare

Organizational profile

1)      Organizational structure:  Executive committee (Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Members), liaison offices in Canada and India Departments(Finance, ICT, Media and production, Education, Health, Agriculture, entertainment, construction and Tourism

2)   Customers and stake holders: We offer hybrid products in ICT streaming solutions, media, strategic plans for various institutions that offer plant forms for resource mobilization, improved Agriculture farming methods with organic products.

3)   Partners: Friends in Africa, International association for Community development, EM products for sustainable organic farming with who we sharing experiences, Makerere University provides interns and volunteers for implementation of our innovations.

We also have community schools towards improvement of the quality of Education.


Organizational Situation:

Competitive Environment

Competitive position: Given that this is a Nonprofit making organization offering unique approaches to social development in a remote area, we have no competitors to declare.

Strategic Context: Continuous Monitoring and quarterly assessment of the performance of the institutions engaged in operation primary schools image change.

 The above  is to be achieved through Kadeco  Administrative  structures and parish leadership structures.

c.   Performance improvement system:

  • ·         Ensuring competent and professional staff in every Kadeco project.
  • ·         Quarterly assessment and Evaluation of every department of Kadeco.
  • ·         Kadeco staff and Administrators to attend management training conference every year.
  • ·         Kadeco staff to get refresher courses to upgrade them annually.

What are the key elements of your performance improvement system, including your processes for evaluation and improvement of key organizational projects and processes?


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