Use your practical skills and Change lives, be part difference. Volunteering service areas

 Administrative Support:

  • Report writing
  • Translation
  • Presentation
  • Linking KADECO to other organizations.

Children’s Activities:

  • Games
  • Baby care
  • Pre-school lessons

Daily Operation:

  • Household surveys
  • Participatory Strategic Development Planning,
  • Home support visits
  • Community sensitization

Staff training:

  • Whatever your specialty that is applicable. E.g. Nursing,
  • Communication and Interpersonal skills
  • Photography,
  • Computer skills

Why Volunteering at Kadeco?

  1. Volunteering at Kadeco you deploy your vital and practical skills, live and work side by side with the most poorest and disadvantaged, you definitely transform life.
  2. You can right away register and start now to volunteer. Or if you are not yet decided when to start, you may support morally or with a dollar. Kadeco will keep you posted how your dollar was used wisely to change lives.
  3. You can also help Kadeco when you locate or identify friends who you feel can be of help

Please download the Kadeco Volunteer Application form here


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